Announcement and Hiatus Notice

I'm currently still on a period of hiatus from 29 SEP - 9 OCT to settle my university scholarship applications. Please direct all your enquiries to my email: kwavehouse@gmail.com during this period of time, and I'll try to reply to when I have some spare time. Please do not expect an immediate reply, as I'm not home most of the day.

Please note, all calls/texts to my number will not be entertained. Please email me instead!

Those who are enquiring with regards to OGS Unofficial Lightsticks, they will arrive this week, and a short meetup will be held on the day of the concert. Details will be sent to you via email.

For those who opted for postage in Batch #88 - #90, all postages will only be sent out next week after my hiatus.

There will be a 24-hour system upgrade running from today till tomorrow. All orders sent up to now will be counted towards Batch #92. Orders will not be excepted during the next 24-hours. So please do not be alarmed if you are not able to access the order form.

A new system of ordering will be released tomorrow, so do look out for it! (:

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding!

Block B Very Good

$15/album, with poster

Boys Republic Identity

$16/album, with poster

Secret Song Jieun Hope Torture

$15/album, without poster

Infinite Official Collection Card Vol. 1

Price: $43

Limited quantity of 45,000 sets. Each set contains 60 randomly packed cards.
130 types of cards: 60 Rare Cards, 70 Normal Cards

10 Packs of cards, 6 cards/pack

Release Date: 27 Sep 2013

Teen Top 2013 No. 1 Asia Tour In Seoul DVD

$38/album, without poster. Includes 2DVDs + 58-page Photobook

Super Junior Super Show 4 World Tour Concert DVD

$38/album, with poster. Includes 2DVDs + 30-page Special Colour Photobook

F.T. Island Thanks To

$17/album, with poster. Includes CD + DVD + Thank You Card

Shinhwa 2013 Grand Finale The Classic in Seoul

Lightstick: $16
Signature Beach Towel: $44
Clutch Bag: $38
T-shirt (White/Orange): $42
Sticker Set: $16
Cool Scarf: $18
Fan: $12
Initial Note: $22

Shinhwa Shin Hye Sung 2012-2013 The Year's Journey Concert

$34/set, with poster. Includes 2CD + 80-page Photobook

5Dolls First Love

$17/album, with poster

Spica Tonight Limited Edition Autographed Album

$28/album, without poster. Include Dust Cover + Pin Button Set

Busker Busker Vol. 2

$17/album, with poster

Shinhwa Lee Min Woo Original Christmas Live Story Book

$40/set, without poster. Includes 200-page Special Book + Making DVD

Text: English

Crayon Pop The Streets Go Disco

(Preview to be updated)

$18/album, with poster. Includes Random Cover (1 of 5 randomly selected)

We Got Married Global Edition Comic Book Vol. 2

$22/book, Includes 240-page Book

Infinite One Great Step Unofficial Lightstick Pre-order

Closing Date: 25 Sep 2013

All lightsticks will arrive before the concert

Lightsticks @ $10 each

Infinite Lightstick A

Designs available: All individual members
Dimension: 22.7cm x 5.7cm

Infinite Lightstick B

Designs available: Group & All individual members

C.N. Blue 1st Photograph Collection Blue Travel

$44/set, without poster. Includes 180-page Photobook + 12min Making DVD + Random Postcard

High Cut Vol. 109 featuring Sistar

Price: $5

A Pink Fanclub Inauguration Official Goods

Slogan: $14

Photocard Set: $15

LED Bracelet: $12

Sticker: $8

Button Set: $9

Card Case: $18

Dust Cover: $9

Handkerchief: $12

T-shirt (M/L): $20

Shopping Bag: $8

NU'EST Sleep Talking Official Merchandise

Slogan: $15

Photocard Set A: $13

Photocard Set B: $13

L-Holder Set: $15

Button Set: $15

Photo Note: $15

Magnet Set: $15

Pencil Set: $13

T-Shirt (M/L): $30

Tumbler: $24

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